Photographing your own interior spaces

When I first started to take interior pictures for my own portfolio, it would take me all day to get the right shot.  I knew what I wanted in the vignette but waiting for the right amount of light to let in at certain time of the day in certain rooms of the house was really tiresome.  On certain days, I’d take so many photos my eyes would get watery and my glasses would fog up.

Who knew that during the daytime you’d need to use a flash?  It didn’t take me long to become best friends with a flash and a tripod.  Since natural lighting isn’t consistent throughout the rooms, using a flash would help balance that light.  Flashes are set to match daylight.  And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that a tripod helps to avoid all the possibility for instability like a flippy hand.  (After painting a room, rearranging the furniture, and prepping for photo shoot, even my Popeye the Sailor man arms wouldn’t hold up the lightest camera, not to mention my ten pound lens).

So I wanted to show you what I mean by showing two photos of my dining room, one without the flash and one with.  You can see the difference it makes in clarity and balance of light.

This one is without flash or tripod:

With flash and tripod:


For all you photography fanatics out there, any other comments or suggestions would be highly appreciated.


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