Tips on restoring vintage artwork

If you find a good artwork, don’t overlook the ugliness of  the frame.  You can easily re-stain the wood frame or paint over it.  In this piece, I chose to paint over it since the frame was in really bad shape.  It seems easy enough but don’t forget to follow these simple steps below.

1. Prep work – you don’t want to ruin the art especially if it’s an original.  Therefore, be sure to cover up the art with newspaper and use painter’s tape to tape off the edges between the art and the frame. If the frame has holes in it, make sure to use wood filler and sand it off before painting.

2. Choosing the right stain or paint color – don’t pick a color for the frame that will clash with the artwork or one that stands out too much.  You want the art to be the center of attention.  In this piece, I chose a dark navy color to tie in with the navy color on the canister in the picture (I wanted the red apples to stand out.)

3. Painting – apply at least two coats of paint to the frame to get a uniform look.  Usually, I let it dry out for a couple of hours to see the unevenness of the paint job before applying a second coat.  While the paint is still wet, take off all the painters tape.  This is very important  to not let the paint dry otherwise once you take the tape off, it will take some of the dry paint away with it.

4. Choosing a place to hang your artwork – I learned that in order to keep a room cohesive, don’t use more than 3 colors in that room.   The same goes for hanging artwork.  Choose art that shares the same color hues as the room you’re going to put it in.

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collected, and now up on the wall

There’s no rhyme or reason to these art pieces, except that I love them and have been collecting them from old and new places.  It makes our living room larger than it already is but a cozy sort of way.  I am starting to realize that when I purchase an item on a whim, it turns our more beautiful and I love it even more (like that painting of the trailer home in the woods shown in the last picture).   This is a sign that I need to take more risks in life and work.

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