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Whew.  It’s been a hectic last few weeks with work and mothering.  Daylight savings is no bueno with a baby when trying to schedule work around it.   I did a few projects around the house but haven’t even gotten a chance photograph them.   With spring in the air, I’ve been thinking about getting a lighter color bed set for our room.  It’s always nice to have an extra set in the linen closet for times when you get too busy to do laundry.

1. This linen duvet cover and shams from Land’s End.  Linen is great if you’re going for the casual look since it can get wrinkly but that’s how I like my bedding.  Who has the time to iron bedsheets?

2. Okay, who haven’t heard of bedding from Dwell Studio?  They are everywhere and look amazing.  I have been eyeing this Draper set for a long time.

3. Using a white paisley pattern gives the room a country cottage vibe and puts me  into a farmhouse somewhere quiet, outside the city.

4. My last option would be to buy this coral fabric and making my own coverlets and shams.



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