Friday affordable finds: kitchen and bath tiles

Today, I stopped by a remnant yard that sales leftovers from construction projects.  If you ever decide to renovate or remodel your home, I would suggest stopping by these  thrift stores to look at what you can find before hitting up your local home improvement stores.  Chances are, you’ll find boxes and boxes of your favorite flooring options, fixtures, kitchen cabinets, plumbing supplies, you name it.  I saw someone buying enough wood flooring to cover their entire house!

I quickly browsed around the stone yard outside and I scored 13 boxes of subway tiles, all for $130.  That’s $1 per square feet, folks.  You couldn’t beat the price (they usually sell for $7 per sq. ft.) but most importantly, I love the clean, classic look of these tiles in bathrooms and kitchens.  I’m definitely saving these for my favorite kitchen renovation (possibly our next house)?

If you can’t visualize what I’m talking about, check out these beautiful baths and kitchens I found via Pinterest.  You can see that the tiles pair well with both modern and vintage styles.

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