How-to’s: Turning a graphic-patterned bed sheet into curtains

Whenever I go thrifting, I always venture into the section that houses bed sheets, remnant fabrics, pillowcases, or coverlets that I can wash and reuse for my upholstery projects.  A few weeks ago, I found this bedsheet that has a cool southwestern, maybe Turkish pattern in the perfect color combos.  You know, I used to be a solid color, no patterns kind of girl.  But my play it safe personality had since gone out the window.  I’ve been looking for more patterns and textures to test out in our house before presenting to clients.

Now the thought of reusing bedsheets for its actual purpose is just pure distusting (no offense to anyone that does that) but my wandering mind would wonder.   I just loved the pattern and colors so much that I knew I’d figure something to do with it.  And I think it costs around three bucks.  The size of the sheet, which I think fits a king bed, is perfect length and width for two curtain panels.

If you know the basics of using a needle and thread, you can hand sew curtains.  Or you can use fabric glue/strips.  But the steps are quite simple.  You lay the sheets flat, fold it in half and cut it into two even panels.  What I also did to thicken the curtains and provide some privacy and shade, I also took a white king flat sheet, cut that in half and use as curtain liners.  ( Actual curtain liners aren’t too expensive either).

Lay the white bed sheet behind the patterned panel and fold over the patterned panel so that the white sheet falls underneath it, creating a seamless curtain look.  I used a needle and thread to sew the panels together and then ran that the panels through a sewing machine (a new skill that I’ve recently picked up).

The curtains are done and ready to be hung.  You can see that I left a little puddle on the floor but if you want the curtains to just touch the floor, you can seam it by hand while it’s hung.  Here it is in my boy’s room.


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